blaqlioness asked : What do you think of OCC lip tar?

I love the colors & how true to color they are but I hate the dry consistency and mint taste


Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2004
  • spermbanker:

    sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….

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FKA Twigs “Power Play” photoshoot by The Fader

    I think one thing that I stress quite often but it doesn’t seem to resonate is I make it very clear that I don’t use social media to subliminally reach out to my partner, that is the key to miscommunication to me.

    I have my boyfriend’s phone number, instead of publicly embarrassing myself and my mate by insinuating he isn’t up to par I will contact him and speak to him on the matter.

    I clearly am one for giving advice & shedding light on situations we all participate in online, just because I’m giving advice on a situation doesn’t mean I’m going through it.

    There are so many different forms of relationships that fit the characteristics of what we’re speaking on.

    I may tweet binge an expansion of what I’ve seen on my timeline but I stand firm by informing my followers “I’m grateful to not experience these problems” “if I were in this situation I would be single”

    Yes, no relationship is perfect & I choose to share photos of my mate and I but I keep the logistics of my relationship private, it’s not the end of the world … I get the concern but always remember don’t stress yourself over other people’s business